Friday, September 25, 2009

Practicing boundaries and limitations

With the latest controversy and brouhaha..(ok im exagerrating a bit here) me being the prime actor in it. I am quite appalled on how people can just barge with other people's private life as if its just a normal thing to do. Its been more than a week now since I arrived from my short vacation in Thailand. Short vacation it seems.. but the story get to big and people made buzz, gave personal comments and the small story has been blown out in proportion.

Ok, I have a mistake not telling about them my plans even to the last minute.. but hey.. Its my prerogative btw. I just want to leave the country without much buzz and to much attention that's it, but I told a close friend about everything and I got plans telling "them" later on when I am back.. I di'dnt tell them because I know that they will make an issue about it, so I'll end up sour and my vacation will be ruined, and I dont want it to happen, so I just made a decision not to tell them.

But a thousand miles away while I am sunbathing and having fun in the lovely beach of Thailand.. these people made a big issue about it and even my personal and private issues has been brought up... Oh God!

If it's the price of fame then.... I dont wanna be famous! I mean, I am very private person and they knew that. I dont hide anything scrupulous but I just want my private life.. mine! They just cant plain accept it. Why? I dont know.. maybe they just soo into me? I dont know probably! If I am some popular actor then I can accept the facts, but I am not... so I behaved quite not myself when I first heard about it. I am bad btw.

I dont know if I will believe it or not.. that these people got some connections in the Immigration and they ask their friends to check the details of my travel, how long, when and where.. everything! I guess, I can do trouble if I wanted.. but since they're my so called friends then I just let it be. Actually, knowing them... I know that their reaction is quite normal if I may say. But the thing is if you dont tell them, then they'll just repeat it. They should know the meaning of " Boundary" I dont barge into their privacy.. but they just want to barge into mine. It should be just a plain and simple vacation.. but they made controversy with it. Well, I am expecting they will make a fan site for me in facebook. Now, that's a joke!

I was definitely pissed off and I post a shoutout in my facebook in total dismay- I'ts quite direct forward and everybody was quite shocked. I mean, I can be the coolest guy, friendly and the laid back type and I do practice sarcasm to a minimum..only if just needed. However, If I practice it, its not just plain sarcasm.. but a bold sarcasm. But since I "still consider" them as friends.. I still have some consideration.

Well, probably it hit them hard and still they dont have the guts yet to show up. I dont need their explanation by the way. Well, I'm awesome and Im doing great. Peace to all mankind!

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