Sunday, September 20, 2009

A simple realization

I missing my vacation in Thailand so much... This is the feeling I hate the most when I come back from a vacation... I feel really sad each time! I dunno maybe because I'm just staying here just for the bucks and my heart is somewhere.. My reality is not here! This is not the place I dreamt of... but the money is here, so I should stay for the meantime.

The problem is that, when I come back from a vacation it does'nt matter if its short/long.. I got hard time getting back to reality that the vacation is over and I am already here again, in this place! I think It'll take another week for me to function again, it's odd since I just been away for just 5days and my reaction is like I've been gone for a month or so.. I figured it out that Im not really happy in this place.. by the way who is happy here? Everybody just makes a living and its just plain it!

I tried to fool myself and I tried to practice being optimistic.. I am forever an optimist by the way, then I came here, and my optimism been eroded minute by minute. I am happy I am here in this place and not one of those overworked/low waged employee back in my country.. I said I am happy but I am not contented. I remember exactly this feeling.. this is the feeling when Im still in the Phil. I really wanna go out.. and experience the world, and fate brought me here! Now, I wanna get out of here.. off to somewhere I always dreamt of.

Vacation, is invented for us to be refresh from our daily routines, job, responsibilities... But it is not a vacation when you come back at home feeling sad and you just wish that you're still in that vacation spot rather than here. Sometime I had this thought that, I wish I just did'nt take that vacation and I'll be just completely fine.

Im so discontented... I wanna be away from the desert. Gotta sleep now hoping that tomorrow will be a great day!


The Pope said...

All holidays are short, irregardless the number of days attached to it, when the last day comes, we always wish for an extension.

What really counts is how you spend your holidays, either you spend quality time with your family and friends, a trip down the memory lane, or being in touch with nature or in meditation with God during your holidays, savor each moment of it, because at the end of the day you may say that you have spend your time wisely, and with a smile just like you "hoping that tomorrow will be a great day!".

God bless.

Francesca said...

bitin lang siguro vacay mo kaya you feel it that way;

ako full to the max kaya di ko pa feel mag vacay ulit sa Pinas but im sure babalikan ko yung mga enjoy moments

sige work muna tayo then plan ulit!