Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A small prayer

Even I'm here in the desert... dry and somehow comfortable.. I feel I'm all soaked up, cold and wet.. like those kababayan I saw in the videos/pics, the victims of the typhoon Ondoy. I felt their pain and sufferings as if I am physically there. Although, I know I can help by just small means, I still feel helpless. I am not so religious person but I pray for those unfortunate souls who lost their lives so abruftly.. may they rest in peace together with their maker.. there.. there will be no more sufferings and pain. And to the families they left and the survivors , may the new morning gives them hope and peace.

I had a very similar experience and I cant stop writing it here.. hoping it will gives hope to other people out there. Back in 1998, I was still a sophomore student.. there's a typhoon brewing up and the rain did'nt stop pouring since morning, the university declared "No classes" at 3pm but I guess its too late since its already flooded. I walk from mendiola to morayta, my reglar routine everyday. However, when I arrived in morayta area.. there are no jeepneys, fx or taxi since its already flooded in the quiapo area. I stood there for quite sometime.. expecting a miracle? when I noticed that everybody around me were now braving the muddy water of Espana... I said to myself that the're no other way but to walk forward.

The muddy water was knee high, it was dark and threatening. As we move deeper in the streets of Espana.. the water also become more deeper. I dont have umbrella, with me that day was just my hard bound notebook I put it in my head not to get wet(try harder hehe) I dont usually bring bag those days since I leave my things in the locker. To minimize getting wet, I and most of the other students walk near the store and establisment on the side. Although, we are all wet and having a hard time, everybody were quite happy and some even make fun and throw away some corny jokes. Its fun! Its actually dangerous to walk in a flooded water since you cannot see if theres an open manholes or waterways. When we arrived in the bluementritt area, we were grounded when we approached a nearby lampost, probably there's an open wire or something. Good thing we did'nt get electrocuted. Hayy student's life!

I was wet, I am tired, nearly got electrocuted and worst I dont have money that time, I really never felt so down my life. I was wet, tired, hungry and broke that day. I remember I was so hungry then, but I have less than hundred pesos and my allowance will arrive after 3-4 more days, Western Union is not that popular those days or probably there's no branch yet in our province. Oh God! That was the hardest day in m entire college days. I walked through Blumentritt, Rotonda and Sto. Domingo Church... all the vehicles were not so moving not just a centimeter. Then, I saw a chinese restaurant. I remember, our ex- maid currently works there since we visited her few times there. I just drop by to rest and to say Hi.. good thing she noticed that I was so tired so she told me to rest a while, she also gave me a hot soup and siopao. That was great! That's the time when.. simple people like can be angels to others.

After resting a few minutes, I gave our ex-maid a warmest thanks and I headed again to the rainy streets, now I have umbrella also lended by our friendly ex-maid. Even, I was having a hard time that day. I felt, happy because somebody shown me real kindness and sincerity. It was cold and still raining outside but I felt warm inside.

After almost several hours being wet and deep in the dirty flooded streets, I finally arrived at the SM north edsa. Good thing, the traffic there was quite moving. I board a jeepney and after few more minutes and finally at Im at home. That was the most unforgettable experience I had in college. I will never forget that for sure. I just walked from Morayta to SM North Edsa. I dont know how many kilometers it is, but what important was I arrive at home safe.

Remembering those days, feels being good to be where I am now. Now, I am quite thankful in a way that I experience that kind of experience because it made an impact on me that I thrive and force myself to be the best that I can be. If I di'dnt experience hardship in life then... probably I am not here. Its not the best place on earth but I am thankful to be here.

To those people (specially students) who are still out there cold and deep in the water.. called obstacles.. maybe the warm and dry place is not yet in sight. But just pray and make your current situation as your inspiration, dont let bad situations pull you down but instead make it as your armour. The fight is not over until you give up... never give up! Then after several years, when you go back and remember it.. I'm am sure the pain is nowhere, but just smile! Hope you like my story.

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