Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Song for me

I was cleaning my laptop and saw this songs.. apparently, this songs were composed by my ex gf during college. sweet and painful.. 

i saw you yesterday
you were smiling at my way
i wish i could smile back to you
and longed to feel your touch so true

but it's not the way it should work
against the odd, against the world
it's not the way it should be

(but/oh) how my heart aches for your love
a love i know i'll never have
but in the end if poor souls shall meet
i'll know somehow, we oughtta be.....
though you're for her and not for me
so close your eyes and dream
let the lonely moon cast its beam
coz i'll love you from afar
i'll watch you sleep with the stars

repeat refrain
repaeat chorus

we oughtta be,
though you're for her and not for me..

Jen’s song

i gazed upon your face and wondered sweetly
bout all the things you've done for me
the sacrifices and pain
the understandings we've gained

i gazed upon your eyes and wondered sweetly
bout the way you stared at me
i lose my senses when you do
i feel your love so good, so true


and i will always love you
till the end of time
i will love you baby
forever till i die
and i will always be here by your side

there'll be a time though
i'll be misunderstood
but i'll love you darling
with the best that i could
coz i feel your life
and you are the music to my ears
your happiness wipes away my tears

Friday, March 23, 2012

Coron escapade

Had a great time with my friend in Coron, Palawan last week. Its been a week now but I still can feel the gentle summer breeze on my face, the powdery white sand on my feet.. I felt like I was lost in paradise..

I am truly lucky I guess to experience such adventure. I missing the waves, the sun and the magnificent powdery white sands of Coron. I am missing it to the bones.. I cant make a decent post right now because my mind is still drifting towards the place..

A great way to end my 1 year sabbatical experience here in Manila. Next week, I will be back in place I called my second home.. in the Desert.

Paz Island, Coron

Near the Kayangan Lake

Paz Island from afar

I can stay in this place for a month..
so serene yet pulsing with life and beauty.

Of course.. vacation is nothing without pics right?

Missing Coron.. super!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Art indeed.

I love to travel.. and with travelling I learned a new skills... Photography.

I never had a formal seminar in photography but with my artistic inclinations.. its not difficult to learn it. But prior being a photographer.. I was a painter. Growing up in a middle class family, my parents doesnt have financial capacity to buy us toys or expensive gadgets at that time. I sulk in my room while my peers play with their family computer. I learned how to entertain myself with what is available. I love to draw at the back of my books.. mountains and rice fields and trees as a child. And as I grew I learned lots of techniques.. but my all time favorite is the no fuzz- watercolor. It is inexpensive.. non toxic and easy to use.

With the influx of attractive gadgets and recent technology.. I was in no time attracted to the dark side. In 2008 I bought my first DSLR camera. I was simply mesmerized by it. It is my prized posession. Eversince then... I lost the art of painting. I thought I really lost it.

Since I resigned last January, I have lots of time to waste, although Im reviewing for my Medtech certification in the US.. I still have plenty of time. I looked for my watercolor which I bought when I was still in kuwait.. which is still intact since I never used it while I was there. Im quite hesitant and anxious at first.. im not sure if I still have the creativity to do it.

Painting.. is like a theraphy. Theres an energy flowing constantly.. and it feels great. Looking at the finished product I must say I still have it.

I made these two art.. one after the another. I hate when theres left out paints after I finish painting.. so I recycle the remaining paints to make another one. I made two masterpieces and I saved then used and remaining paints.

Its my first time to do a painting in a series.. I wanna put it on my sala.. which there lots of black and grey... and basically I want to put some color at the wall near the stairs to quell all the dark tones. The painting is very simple.. Btw these are my first try in painting for almost 10yrs. My condo is not that really big and I dont want to complicate it by putting irregular shapes and sizes.. I want linear and uncomplex in all the things in my sala. Including these painting. I doesnt have exact picture in my mind but the moment I started with my brush... as if it has mind of its own. After I finished the 1st painting.. I decided to do another 3 with the same colors. At 1st Im not that happy with it. But I guess it will bring a considerable life to my mostly black and white condo. Its an art indeed!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The end and new beginning for the Desert Prince

Exactly one month from now, I will leave this place I called home( or close to that..) for almost 4 years. I remember the day I get the acceptance letter from my first employer abroad.. I was ecstatic! Truly a dream come true, finally I can spread my wings and fly to some distant land. Leaving the Philippines and working abroad is my greatest dream.. I can have my freedom and I can earn and save and also help my family. Looking back... I can say I am proud of the person that I become. Indeed I accomplished alot in that short time and I can say that my experience here enrich my character and I feel more complete than ever.

Life abroad is never easy.. specially for the newbies. There were times that I just want to pack my bags and leave all behind me.. times that I cried and (I will never be ashame of saying that..) times that I wanna give up.. times I ask myself why I am here in this place on earth.. times that I am truly hurt and pain is almost unbearable.. Life abroad is never easy, but through all these I am still whole, I been through hell and back and all of these just made me a better person.

Now, the time is near and goodbyes are indeed inevitable.. my heart is filled with joy for the happy memories and friendship that I will bring. Life abroad would be more terrifying if you're alone without friends. I want to take this opportunities to thank all my friends.. I will miss you guys! Thanks for the friendship and all the happy memories.

It might be the end for the desert prince... but his journey is still on.. come aboard! I am just getting started.

To all my dear readers.. I also thank you for constantly checking my blog, I also made some friends here. I want to end my post with one of my favorite music... until then.. see you around! :)

The Desert Prince!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Somewhere, Somehow

Its Eid holiday here in kuwait.. and its a long day. Anyway, I just wanna share this vid.. senti mode :(

Thailand escapade.

I miss thailand.. so I just posted this pic..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marinduque- My hometown

Going back to my hometown- is like being a kid again.. lots of wonderful memries with family and friends. Although, the place is nice and beautiful.. I cant imagine myself living there for longer period of time. I am city boy and I just love the city, I just love the pulse of the city.

However, when I need to recharge(my term for I need to breath and I need space) I cant think of any other place. I just keep comin back and I cant help it. During my college years, when life was still a bitch.. I usually had my vacation during sem break, christmas and during summer time. During those complicated time and college and the city completely sucked the life force out me.. there's only one place that I keep coming back. Its serenity replenish my parched soul. Staying there for a week or sometimes a month- just envigorates me and I'm ready again to face the maddening pace of city life.

Fast forward to present- I'm already here in this place, hundred miles away and far away from home. When life is blurry, nonsense and out of control... Sometimes I wish I could be there, just ride a bus or a plane and I will be home in a matter of hours, and again everything will be alright. But since I cant do it.. I just to close my eyes, and I'll be there.

I'll just have to post these pics from my recent vacation. Just staring at these pix makes me relax. Hope you like it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Long distance love affair

"I thought it would be alot easier.. and people seems to be wanna be villains.. But at the end of the day, your faith, love and trust which truly matters! Happiness is within and dont let others get hold of that. We are the masters of our life.. and they are just plain fucking extrass... Good Morning everybody!"

This is my status in facebook today.. I called my gf the other day and she got hard times coping, I'm her and she's there thing.. Were expecting it and we know its hard specially we're just beginning. But another problem arise.. when my ex co-workers.. which still her co-worker found out about us. I dont know what's their problem with me but they just keep pulling us apart. Its just like we're in a movie or a teleserye in which kontrabida really pull people aparts and you wanna punch them in the face. Damn!

What the problem about people is that they dont know their boundaries and they just keep themselves "in the picture" they wanna be included in your own private world. They will poison you with their bitterness and malice.. if you have a faint of heart? then you will succumb to their hidden motives.

I mean why they just cant be happy? I never been a pakialamero to anybody, I was kinda expecting that also in return. But sad its not the case here. I guess we're perfect together... and they cant have it for themselves so they just wanna ruin our relationship.

Again.. we are the stars.... and they are just plain fucking extrasssssssssss!

At Boracay

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Miss my vacation..

Just back from a month long vacation... now Im just wishing Im still in the Phil and having a good time. Been to HK and later in Macau. Nice experience.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A small prayer

Even I'm here in the desert... dry and somehow comfortable.. I feel I'm all soaked up, cold and wet.. like those kababayan I saw in the videos/pics, the victims of the typhoon Ondoy. I felt their pain and sufferings as if I am physically there. Although, I know I can help by just small means, I still feel helpless. I am not so religious person but I pray for those unfortunate souls who lost their lives so abruftly.. may they rest in peace together with their maker.. there.. there will be no more sufferings and pain. And to the families they left and the survivors , may the new morning gives them hope and peace.

I had a very similar experience and I cant stop writing it here.. hoping it will gives hope to other people out there. Back in 1998, I was still a sophomore student.. there's a typhoon brewing up and the rain did'nt stop pouring since morning, the university declared "No classes" at 3pm but I guess its too late since its already flooded. I walk from mendiola to morayta, my reglar routine everyday. However, when I arrived in morayta area.. there are no jeepneys, fx or taxi since its already flooded in the quiapo area. I stood there for quite sometime.. expecting a miracle? when I noticed that everybody around me were now braving the muddy water of Espana... I said to myself that the're no other way but to walk forward.

The muddy water was knee high, it was dark and threatening. As we move deeper in the streets of Espana.. the water also become more deeper. I dont have umbrella, with me that day was just my hard bound notebook I put it in my head not to get wet(try harder hehe) I dont usually bring bag those days since I leave my things in the locker. To minimize getting wet, I and most of the other students walk near the store and establisment on the side. Although, we are all wet and having a hard time, everybody were quite happy and some even make fun and throw away some corny jokes. Its fun! Its actually dangerous to walk in a flooded water since you cannot see if theres an open manholes or waterways. When we arrived in the bluementritt area, we were grounded when we approached a nearby lampost, probably there's an open wire or something. Good thing we did'nt get electrocuted. Hayy student's life!

I was wet, I am tired, nearly got electrocuted and worst I dont have money that time, I really never felt so down my life. I was wet, tired, hungry and broke that day. I remember I was so hungry then, but I have less than hundred pesos and my allowance will arrive after 3-4 more days, Western Union is not that popular those days or probably there's no branch yet in our province. Oh God! That was the hardest day in m entire college days. I walked through Blumentritt, Rotonda and Sto. Domingo Church... all the vehicles were not so moving not just a centimeter. Then, I saw a chinese restaurant. I remember, our ex- maid currently works there since we visited her few times there. I just drop by to rest and to say Hi.. good thing she noticed that I was so tired so she told me to rest a while, she also gave me a hot soup and siopao. That was great! That's the time when.. simple people like can be angels to others.

After resting a few minutes, I gave our ex-maid a warmest thanks and I headed again to the rainy streets, now I have umbrella also lended by our friendly ex-maid. Even, I was having a hard time that day. I felt, happy because somebody shown me real kindness and sincerity. It was cold and still raining outside but I felt warm inside.

After almost several hours being wet and deep in the dirty flooded streets, I finally arrived at the SM north edsa. Good thing, the traffic there was quite moving. I board a jeepney and after few more minutes and finally at Im at home. That was the most unforgettable experience I had in college. I will never forget that for sure. I just walked from Morayta to SM North Edsa. I dont know how many kilometers it is, but what important was I arrive at home safe.

Remembering those days, feels being good to be where I am now. Now, I am quite thankful in a way that I experience that kind of experience because it made an impact on me that I thrive and force myself to be the best that I can be. If I di'dnt experience hardship in life then... probably I am not here. Its not the best place on earth but I am thankful to be here.

To those people (specially students) who are still out there cold and deep in the water.. called obstacles.. maybe the warm and dry place is not yet in sight. But just pray and make your current situation as your inspiration, dont let bad situations pull you down but instead make it as your armour. The fight is not over until you give up... never give up! Then after several years, when you go back and remember it.. I'm am sure the pain is nowhere, but just smile! Hope you like my story.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Practicing boundaries and limitations

With the latest controversy and brouhaha..(ok im exagerrating a bit here) me being the prime actor in it. I am quite appalled on how people can just barge with other people's private life as if its just a normal thing to do. Its been more than a week now since I arrived from my short vacation in Thailand. Short vacation it seems.. but the story get to big and people made buzz, gave personal comments and the small story has been blown out in proportion.

Ok, I have a mistake not telling about them my plans even to the last minute.. but hey.. Its my prerogative btw. I just want to leave the country without much buzz and to much attention that's it, but I told a close friend about everything and I got plans telling "them" later on when I am back.. I di'dnt tell them because I know that they will make an issue about it, so I'll end up sour and my vacation will be ruined, and I dont want it to happen, so I just made a decision not to tell them.

But a thousand miles away while I am sunbathing and having fun in the lovely beach of Thailand.. these people made a big issue about it and even my personal and private issues has been brought up... Oh God!

If it's the price of fame then.... I dont wanna be famous! I mean, I am very private person and they knew that. I dont hide anything scrupulous but I just want my private life.. mine! They just cant plain accept it. Why? I dont know.. maybe they just soo into me? I dont know probably! If I am some popular actor then I can accept the facts, but I am not... so I behaved quite not myself when I first heard about it. I am bad btw.

I dont know if I will believe it or not.. that these people got some connections in the Immigration and they ask their friends to check the details of my travel, how long, when and where.. everything! I guess, I can do trouble if I wanted.. but since they're my so called friends then I just let it be. Actually, knowing them... I know that their reaction is quite normal if I may say. But the thing is if you dont tell them, then they'll just repeat it. They should know the meaning of " Boundary" I dont barge into their privacy.. but they just want to barge into mine. It should be just a plain and simple vacation.. but they made controversy with it. Well, I am expecting they will make a fan site for me in facebook. Now, that's a joke!

I was definitely pissed off and I post a shoutout in my facebook in total dismay- I'ts quite direct forward and everybody was quite shocked. I mean, I can be the coolest guy, friendly and the laid back type and I do practice sarcasm to a minimum..only if just needed. However, If I practice it, its not just plain sarcasm.. but a bold sarcasm. But since I "still consider" them as friends.. I still have some consideration.

Well, probably it hit them hard and still they dont have the guts yet to show up. I dont need their explanation by the way. Well, I'm awesome and Im doing great. Peace to all mankind!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A simple realization

I missing my vacation in Thailand so much... This is the feeling I hate the most when I come back from a vacation... I feel really sad each time! I dunno maybe because I'm just staying here just for the bucks and my heart is somewhere.. My reality is not here! This is not the place I dreamt of... but the money is here, so I should stay for the meantime.

The problem is that, when I come back from a vacation it does'nt matter if its short/long.. I got hard time getting back to reality that the vacation is over and I am already here again, in this place! I think It'll take another week for me to function again, it's odd since I just been away for just 5days and my reaction is like I've been gone for a month or so.. I figured it out that Im not really happy in this place.. by the way who is happy here? Everybody just makes a living and its just plain it!

I tried to fool myself and I tried to practice being optimistic.. I am forever an optimist by the way, then I came here, and my optimism been eroded minute by minute. I am happy I am here in this place and not one of those overworked/low waged employee back in my country.. I said I am happy but I am not contented. I remember exactly this feeling.. this is the feeling when Im still in the Phil. I really wanna go out.. and experience the world, and fate brought me here! Now, I wanna get out of here.. off to somewhere I always dreamt of.

Vacation, is invented for us to be refresh from our daily routines, job, responsibilities... But it is not a vacation when you come back at home feeling sad and you just wish that you're still in that vacation spot rather than here. Sometime I had this thought that, I wish I just did'nt take that vacation and I'll be just completely fine.

Im so discontented... I wanna be away from the desert. Gotta sleep now hoping that tomorrow will be a great day!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Photogenic Thailand

Im a fan of teachings and ideologies of Buddhism and I wanna know more about this religion.

Using Nikon D60 with tamron lens f2.8.

The famous reclining Buddha... 46meters long if I remember it right.

@ the grand palace

another buddha

Some mythical creature decorating the temple at the grand palace.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thailand getaway

Since I am a fan of the teaching of Budhhism... Thailand is the place for me, of course it's also famous for its nice beaches in Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi etc. We've planned a gazillion times to go there.. but it seems that its not in our stars to go there together.. :(

However a friend of mine, invited me a week ago if I wanna join them in Thailand. I really wanna go.. of couse, why not! but I cant say yes right away since there's alot of things to consider.. 1st my job, Its Ramdadan and I dont know if the manager will going to approve it. 2nd is my finances, Im currently trying to save as much a I can nowadays.. (fyi- The Desert Prince is planning to move away from his desert probably next year :( I know its sad... but that's life, There's a saying that "The only constant is change" That's why I save as much as possible.

However on the other hand, I also think that if I finally decided not to renew my contract next year.. and yet I never visited another country then sayang naman. My friends already visited, Egypt, Dubai, Australia etc. So, again I balanced the pro's and cons and finally able to put a decision on the matter.. YES. Sure I will go.

My manager approved my leave since its just a 4days leave, then also suddenly I received something Im not even expecting... we received some bonus from the company the day I leave to thailand. Oh God! That's a sure sign.

I'll trt to post some of the pics... I have difficulty trying to resize it because blogger only upload 8MP. Btw, I got a total of around 500 pics in just 4 days. If I can then I'll post them all in my multiply but really I cant. So time consuming really.

When people think about "VACATION" its spells excitement, fun and happiness, but for me there's only two which is extremely happiness and depression, quite a contradictory right? Im not crazy hehe! Happiness in the vacation is just temporary.. but when we come back.. then the reality bites again.. Now, I'm missing the place... friendly people, the climate which is so the same with pinas, the foods( dimsum, thai curry, the endless buffet brekafast, lunch or evening, the beach and probably just being there, if you know what I mean) My problem is- If I go on a vacation and when Im already here- in this place, then I feel very sad! That's is also the main reason I dont want to take vacation, I got easily distracted and I have difficulty focusing on my goals if I know that there's alot more good place than here... But still I dont have a choice but to stay. Im trying my best to hold on and be more patient.. but I know that there will come a day that I can say that I can move on ahead. Right now, I just to hold on.

In one of the palace's

At the grand palace... what a magnificent architecture this old city got.

Lotus flower

The ancient Ruin of Ayuthayya

Pattaya Beach...Tried parasailing, wakeboarding, got a henna, and most of all.......... I wore a trunks ( the guts hahaha, not in this pic btw, I cannot post it hehe)

Thai mask, Now Im mad why I did'nt buy one of this. By the way I bought, head of buddha a warrior or something, a jade elephant and there's another one also a buddha but smaller.

Just looking at this pic- makes me somehow relax, very peaceful and quiet, just wishing Im in this place right now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I get Groped in Thailand

For adults only" hehe!

Had a great time in Bangkok, Super! For 4 straigth days.. we're so busy, usually we start roaming the streets of Bangkok at around 7am and we usually arrive at around 12 midnight.. its fun but soo tiring. So during our last day I proposed to have an authentic thai massage to ease our aching body, btw thai is famous for their massage right?! Good for us since the Spa center located in our hotel currently have an offer.

Its a nice posh place and you can see that they offer quality service. So we decided to get that package which includes.. body scrub, 2hr massage, facial, hair spa and pedicure, actually we dont need the manicure and pedicure.. but its in the package so we just enjoyed it.

We had a body scrub 1st on the list... I had a body scrub in Manila eons ago so I'm expecting it just quite the same. So when I entered the softly lit room with nice minty scent, the spa attendant told me what to do.. which is to get naked.. which I did, I left my boxer briefs but she says all....

Oh God! I was so embarassed, Im not used to it exposing myself unless that person is my partner. but I guess this people are so used to it so there's "no need to be shy". So I finally stripped to my bday suit. I'm just thinking now, that it will not be an issue if the lady attendant is young and goodlooking.. but instead staring on my naked body was a quite fat and not so quite a good sight hag. I wrap around a towel on my waist and headed towards the dry sauna and after 15min she ask me to come out and lie on the table.

Now that my protective towel is gone.. I feel so vulnerable really hehe, God only know and that old hag how red my face in embarssment. She draped a towel on me as she giggle. I guess she's so enjoying the view... Oh God! wag po manang!

After finishing my whole back, legs, she ask me to lie on my back to which I obliged. Again she draped my front with a towel. She start to scrub me on my upper body downwards. However, I experience something any man could relate with when we undergo a full body massage(actually its not yet the massage but body scrub) something been awakens... Oh Gawd! What the F**K

She noticed it and I heard she giggles and I felt stupid. I do expect she'll be professional since she's working in a nice and decent spa. But to my astonishment, she gently brush the towel covering my groin and she did take a peek, not once but twice. Then I heard her again giggling, sounds like she's so happy or something.. (now im just hoping she's happy not the other way around haha) I was dumbfounded and cant believe what was happening.. (its a decent and professional spa that's why, my reaction) Eventhough, I was quite embarassed, I just brush it off since there's nothing to lose by the way. Again I just lie there and just totally relax, also praying that my ***k will calm down hehe be a good boy! Again I was so shock when she grabs my hard ***k.. she holds it while she's applying those foamy beads on my thigh.. Oh God! Then after the scrub its time to shower.... Oh God.... I got huge problem... indeed a huge problem, my thing is not yet down, I never been so embarassed in my whole life.. Well she seen it already so there's nothing to loose. She helped me rub of those beads while I shower.. When I turn around, she just cant turn her eyes off my semi-hard C**K. She got a real show and infact she should pay me.. Lucky Thai bitch!

I'm so naive and did'nt know that it is the "kalakaran" in Thai massage spa. But my point is that- its a decent spa and not just ordinary spa somethere in the metro, also its inside our Hotel. I finally found out when I was finished with my massage when the old lady ask me if I want a hand job, while she touch my thing. As if its just so normal to them touching man's private parts. That was a revelation.

I also remember its not the first time it happened me being groped, the first time was- when we went to a stripper show during our 3rd night. Its the show where thai girls put some odd thing in their parts and do some crazy shits/stunts. They open a beer bottle with it.. shot pingpong balls to the audience, write name, and alot more. So when we paid in the counter.. the mama sang( dunno what the english term) check us if we have cellphone which are not allowed since we can take pics what's happening inside.. she check first my 2 friend and nothing lewd happen. But when its my turn, she check my pants back and front etc. and fi nally grabbing my groin. I was not expecting it since she did'nt do it on my friends.. She's just joking though so I di'dnt get offended, by the way she's a slut so what do I expect right!

Back to the old lady and her offer, I glady decline her kind offer. She's much nicer and more professional than the other attendant btw so I gave her a tip. I tell the whole story to my friends and I was shock when they told me that their spa attendants gave them an underwear during the body scrub then I felt stupid and abused hehe! They just keep laughing all the way to the hotel. They said thai girls like me because I look like a thai.. Duh! they're not even girls they're old sluts, if they're pretty and younger then I will not mind at all. The old lady masseuse also told me that they're not full time worker in that spa.. they do part time... so that's the answer. As if my embarassment is not yet finish... when we walk out of the spa, I saw those pretty girls in the counter looking at me.. and they giggle like hell! Probably that old bitch told them what had happen... she's really a damn bitch!

Anyway, just wanna share my odd and sick story!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Just read Kenji's blog post over Mike Avenue's rants vs the OFW's

please check this link

Personally, ayaw ko patulan ang issue na yan, kasi he dont deserves our precious time and space kasi baka lalo pa sya sumikat with our free links, second masyado mababaw mga reasons nya kaya di dapat pag aksayahan ng panahon ang isang yan. But the thing is..... Grhhhhhh nakaka galit kaya pinatulan ko na din. hehe!

First and foremost.. di po kmi ang nag bansag ng "Bagong bayani" sa sarili namen. If I'm not mistaken eh gobyero ang nag bansag nyan sa mga OFW's kasi its their way of saying "Thank you" sa endless na tulong ng mga ofw sa ating ekonomiya by means of our monthy remittances. Without ang remittances ng mga ofw eh baka matagal ng bumagsak economy ng pinas.. I mean lalo pa bumagsak hehe! tama ba ko dun? And just by that eh dapat kang mag pasalamat Mike. I dont know him personally and lalong di ko alam whats his reasons and his motives behind all this pero ang masasabi ko lang eh isa syang ingrato. Wala syang kwenta. Dahil lang sa kapirasong chocolate eh sumama na ang loob nya, ano ba yun, kapag binigyan ka ng kahit na anong bagay.. magpasalamat ka na lang, wag yung tingnan mo pa kung saan gawa. Ingrato talaga di bah?!

Sinasabi nya na din sa post na yun na kapalit ng dolyar ay nagpapa sigaw at nagpapa alipin tyo sa ibang lahi.... (although di ako sinisigawan ng boss ko kasi Im working sa very professional environment.. eh I have to depend those poor ofw's na nag tya-tyagang sigawan ng mga amo nila)..... That's the point di ba? hindi ba nya ma gets yun.. sino ba naman ang gusto sigaw sigawan ng ibang lahi? Kya nila natitiis yung ganun kasi wala silang choice, those people need to stay para sa pamilya nila.

Mike di mo alam ang mga nararanasan ng mga kapwa naten filipino sa ibang bansa para lang mai-ahon ang kanilang pamilya sa kahirapan. Di mo alam ang hirap ng mga maid na na-re-rape ng kanilang amo pero wala silang magawa, yung mga OFW na di pina su-sweldo ng kanilang mga employer.. and yung iba kahit gusto gustong na nila umuwi sa pinas pero di pa din maka uwi.

As a free country, we are all entitled to air our own rants, views or opinions... without any limitations, lalo na dito sa blogosphere. Pero sana naman ay we are all responsible enough sa mga nilalaman ng blog naten. Wag yung tira na lang tira ng parang wala ng bukas.

I checked his blog last night and may another post na naman ang Mike na to... in retalliation sa mga bumabatikos sa kanya. Instead na mag sori na lang sya eh his mocking pa those people na '' DI DAW MAKA INTINDI" sa post nya na " TSOKOLATE" Kahit pag balik baliktarin naten eh mas malinaw pa sa sinag ng araw sa Middle east kung ano ibig nya sabihin sa post nya na yun. He's such an insecured and so so pretentious fool. Feeling ko ay nagpapa-pansin lang ang baklang yan! Siguro ay wala ng nagpapa gupit sa kanya hahaha! Anyway, let us pray sana lang balang araw ay di nya lamunin ang kanyang mga sinabi.

Naku bigla daw ako nag post ng tagalog sa sobrang inis ko( BTW this is my first post in tagalog) Mas prefer ko mag blog in english kasi may mga friends ako na ibang lahi na nag babasa din ng blog ko. Nwei. Nilagay ko yung link ni Mike para ma check nyo his papansin post. Kayo ba bahala humusga!


eto yung post nya na TSOKOLATE..... grhhhh!


Comments are all welcome.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunset In Kuwait

I been On sick leave since thursday and I just come back to work today... meaning I had a 3 days vacation... fair enough I guess since I work overtime from monday, tue and wednesday since most of the agents were in the training. So what I did in that 3 days?

First I over slept... my needed rest finally! then I went to the grocery.. so on and so forth.. blah blah!

Friday its my off actually.. and being 2 days at home I already felt the boredom... although there's no choice but to stay indoor since its too hot outside, so I just slept, I woke up at around 5 and I call a friend who's also Off that day... so finally...

We went to the Souq Sharq area and we both brought our SLR camera.. We should watch PUSH but its no longer showing, so we just went to our favorite thai food in the downtown area..
yummy..... I love the Tom yum soup and there version of pansit, plus my all time fave the green beef curry... yum yum! After that... I went with my friend to is flat..... to get my copy of Hayden Kho's and his girl's video... hehehe! Well, I think it badly needs editing though! haha!

That's all for now folks!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Im Lost

I should be happy since the company just renewed our contract... But I think I'm Lost, I dunno what else to do here in this country.. maybe Im just bored but Im becoming restless. Btw Im not just the one experiencing this.. infact almost all of us are in the same situation. We had been to all the entertainment spots, malls etc and now, there's nothing left to do here! hayy hayyy!

Just another year... and we'll see.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Artistic photography

Its been ages...since I last post pic here(I should post more but our internet connection is slow as a turtle) but i wana just wanna share my latest headshot. Hope you like it? hope so!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Banner

Hope you like my new banner... its my photo btw.

I bought a new tamron lens for my D60 slr.. 17-50mm f2.8 specifically.

what I really want is... 24-70mm f2.8 from Nikkon, but I still cant accept me buying that expensive lens.. in the future maybe.

nwei please visit my other site

my flickr

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sad love song

I saw this vid sa youtube.. and suddenly I was flooded with sad memories from my past. I forever dedicate this song a person who had been a great friend and lover during my toughest days. Sadly, pero kelangan nya umalis.. I guess i never cried that heavy in my entire life.

I was deeply hurt kasi.. nag revolve lang ang mundo ko sa kanya for 2 years and literally di ko alam pano mag start uli ng wala sya.. as in literally di ko alam pano i start yung araw ko ng wala sya, I cant accept it.

Sa kanya ko na feel being loved and madami ako natutunan sa kanya, lots of doors opened up nung nakilala ko sya, nag widen ang perspective ko and suddenly I woke up a different person.. a happy person!

I had a bad childhood and sometimes..or most of the times back then eh I feel unloved. Then suddenly I met this person who love and completely adores me. Its a new feeling for me, I felt how it is to be loved.. and for two years eh nag revolve lang sa knya yung life ko.

I never expect.. it will end and so soon.. and one time nga sinabi nya saken na aalis sya going somewhere far to pursue yung dreams nya.... sobra hirap and parang di ko kaya.. im afraid kasi di na ko sanay mag isa.. nag depend ako masyado sa kanya and nalimutan ko sariling identity ko. Meron sya plans for both of us and tulungan nya ko pano maka punta dun. Unfortunately eh cguro nga yung long distance love affair eh not meant to last..

Siguro na capture lang ng song na to yung whole story namen.. " I can't face the thought of you leaving, so take me along.. wherever you go,"

La na kmi communication now.. but still Im still thankful for all the memries. Thank you!

Hope you like it.. leave comments if you like!