Friday, October 28, 2011

Art indeed.

I love to travel.. and with travelling I learned a new skills... Photography.

I never had a formal seminar in photography but with my artistic inclinations.. its not difficult to learn it. But prior being a photographer.. I was a painter. Growing up in a middle class family, my parents doesnt have financial capacity to buy us toys or expensive gadgets at that time. I sulk in my room while my peers play with their family computer. I learned how to entertain myself with what is available. I love to draw at the back of my books.. mountains and rice fields and trees as a child. And as I grew I learned lots of techniques.. but my all time favorite is the no fuzz- watercolor. It is inexpensive.. non toxic and easy to use.

With the influx of attractive gadgets and recent technology.. I was in no time attracted to the dark side. In 2008 I bought my first DSLR camera. I was simply mesmerized by it. It is my prized posession. Eversince then... I lost the art of painting. I thought I really lost it.

Since I resigned last January, I have lots of time to waste, although Im reviewing for my Medtech certification in the US.. I still have plenty of time. I looked for my watercolor which I bought when I was still in kuwait.. which is still intact since I never used it while I was there. Im quite hesitant and anxious at first.. im not sure if I still have the creativity to do it.

Painting.. is like a theraphy. Theres an energy flowing constantly.. and it feels great. Looking at the finished product I must say I still have it.

I made these two art.. one after the another. I hate when theres left out paints after I finish painting.. so I recycle the remaining paints to make another one. I made two masterpieces and I saved then used and remaining paints.

Its my first time to do a painting in a series.. I wanna put it on my sala.. which there lots of black and grey... and basically I want to put some color at the wall near the stairs to quell all the dark tones. The painting is very simple.. Btw these are my first try in painting for almost 10yrs. My condo is not that really big and I dont want to complicate it by putting irregular shapes and sizes.. I want linear and uncomplex in all the things in my sala. Including these painting. I doesnt have exact picture in my mind but the moment I started with my brush... as if it has mind of its own. After I finished the 1st painting.. I decided to do another 3 with the same colors. At 1st Im not that happy with it. But I guess it will bring a considerable life to my mostly black and white condo. Its an art indeed!

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Jan's Travel and Tours said...

Photography is indeed a part of traveling. Very nice work of art, keep it up!