Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The end and new beginning for the Desert Prince

Exactly one month from now, I will leave this place I called home( or close to that..) for almost 4 years. I remember the day I get the acceptance letter from my first employer abroad.. I was ecstatic! Truly a dream come true, finally I can spread my wings and fly to some distant land. Leaving the Philippines and working abroad is my greatest dream.. I can have my freedom and I can earn and save and also help my family. Looking back... I can say I am proud of the person that I become. Indeed I accomplished alot in that short time and I can say that my experience here enrich my character and I feel more complete than ever.

Life abroad is never easy.. specially for the newbies. There were times that I just want to pack my bags and leave all behind me.. times that I cried and (I will never be ashame of saying that..) times that I wanna give up.. times I ask myself why I am here in this place on earth.. times that I am truly hurt and pain is almost unbearable.. Life abroad is never easy, but through all these I am still whole, I been through hell and back and all of these just made me a better person.

Now, the time is near and goodbyes are indeed inevitable.. my heart is filled with joy for the happy memories and friendship that I will bring. Life abroad would be more terrifying if you're alone without friends. I want to take this opportunities to thank all my friends.. I will miss you guys! Thanks for the friendship and all the happy memories.

It might be the end for the desert prince... but his journey is still on.. come aboard! I am just getting started.

To all my dear readers.. I also thank you for constantly checking my blog, I also made some friends here. I want to end my post with one of my favorite music... until then.. see you around! :)

The Desert Prince!

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