Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marinduque- My hometown

Going back to my hometown- is like being a kid again.. lots of wonderful memries with family and friends. Although, the place is nice and beautiful.. I cant imagine myself living there for longer period of time. I am city boy and I just love the city, I just love the pulse of the city.

However, when I need to recharge(my term for I need to breath and I need space) I cant think of any other place. I just keep comin back and I cant help it. During my college years, when life was still a bitch.. I usually had my vacation during sem break, christmas and during summer time. During those complicated time and college and the city completely sucked the life force out me.. there's only one place that I keep coming back. Its serenity replenish my parched soul. Staying there for a week or sometimes a month- just envigorates me and I'm ready again to face the maddening pace of city life.

Fast forward to present- I'm already here in this place, hundred miles away and far away from home. When life is blurry, nonsense and out of control... Sometimes I wish I could be there, just ride a bus or a plane and I will be home in a matter of hours, and again everything will be alright. But since I cant do it.. I just to close my eyes, and I'll be there.

I'll just have to post these pics from my recent vacation. Just staring at these pix makes me relax. Hope you like it!


Lydia said...

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Jaja said...

Hi Mr. Desert Prince,

I'm Janelle, aka Sundrenched of the Pink Tarha blog. I am currently working with the Kablogs team for an online magazine and we would like to feature your photos on Marinduque. Can I ask for your email address please for further correspondence and the full details of the project?

Thank you.

ur_prince said...

Hi jaja.. this my email add

ur_prince said...
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Philippine Travel Guide said...

nice set of pics I've been to Marinduque once that was back in 1994 when our club had a dual meet or friendship game with the Mogpog Tennis Club.

If i still remember it correctly it's the first time I played in a red clay like the courts in the French Open.

Philipp von Plato ( said...

Hi there,

I really enjoyed reading your fantastic blog.
I like your interesting photos and would love to print one of them a s a poster for my office. Please let me know if you are fine with that.

In case you are not already part of InterNations you are of course invited to join our network of selected members - just let me know and I will send you an invitation.

I am looking forward to your response and would be happy to welcome you to our global expat community.



just me said...

Hi Philip,

Go ahead.