Thursday, March 4, 2010

Long distance love affair

"I thought it would be alot easier.. and people seems to be wanna be villains.. But at the end of the day, your faith, love and trust which truly matters! Happiness is within and dont let others get hold of that. We are the masters of our life.. and they are just plain fucking extrass... Good Morning everybody!"

This is my status in facebook today.. I called my gf the other day and she got hard times coping, I'm her and she's there thing.. Were expecting it and we know its hard specially we're just beginning. But another problem arise.. when my ex co-workers.. which still her co-worker found out about us. I dont know what's their problem with me but they just keep pulling us apart. Its just like we're in a movie or a teleserye in which kontrabida really pull people aparts and you wanna punch them in the face. Damn!

What the problem about people is that they dont know their boundaries and they just keep themselves "in the picture" they wanna be included in your own private world. They will poison you with their bitterness and malice.. if you have a faint of heart? then you will succumb to their hidden motives.

I mean why they just cant be happy? I never been a pakialamero to anybody, I was kinda expecting that also in return. But sad its not the case here. I guess we're perfect together... and they cant have it for themselves so they just wanna ruin our relationship.

Again.. we are the stars.... and they are just plain fucking extrasssssssssss!

At Boracay

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