Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thailand getaway

Since I am a fan of the teaching of Budhhism... Thailand is the place for me, of course it's also famous for its nice beaches in Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi etc. We've planned a gazillion times to go there.. but it seems that its not in our stars to go there together.. :(

However a friend of mine, invited me a week ago if I wanna join them in Thailand. I really wanna go.. of couse, why not! but I cant say yes right away since there's alot of things to consider.. 1st my job, Its Ramdadan and I dont know if the manager will going to approve it. 2nd is my finances, Im currently trying to save as much a I can nowadays.. (fyi- The Desert Prince is planning to move away from his desert probably next year :( I know its sad... but that's life, There's a saying that "The only constant is change" That's why I save as much as possible.

However on the other hand, I also think that if I finally decided not to renew my contract next year.. and yet I never visited another country then sayang naman. My friends already visited, Egypt, Dubai, Australia etc. So, again I balanced the pro's and cons and finally able to put a decision on the matter.. YES. Sure I will go.

My manager approved my leave since its just a 4days leave, then also suddenly I received something Im not even expecting... we received some bonus from the company the day I leave to thailand. Oh God! That's a sure sign.

I'll trt to post some of the pics... I have difficulty trying to resize it because blogger only upload 8MP. Btw, I got a total of around 500 pics in just 4 days. If I can then I'll post them all in my multiply but really I cant. So time consuming really.

When people think about "VACATION" its spells excitement, fun and happiness, but for me there's only two which is extremely happiness and depression, quite a contradictory right? Im not crazy hehe! Happiness in the vacation is just temporary.. but when we come back.. then the reality bites again.. Now, I'm missing the place... friendly people, the climate which is so the same with pinas, the foods( dimsum, thai curry, the endless buffet brekafast, lunch or evening, the beach and probably just being there, if you know what I mean) My problem is- If I go on a vacation and when Im already here- in this place, then I feel very sad! That's is also the main reason I dont want to take vacation, I got easily distracted and I have difficulty focusing on my goals if I know that there's alot more good place than here... But still I dont have a choice but to stay. Im trying my best to hold on and be more patient.. but I know that there will come a day that I can say that I can move on ahead. Right now, I just to hold on.

In one of the palace's

At the grand palace... what a magnificent architecture this old city got.

Lotus flower

The ancient Ruin of Ayuthayya

Pattaya Beach...Tried parasailing, wakeboarding, got a henna, and most of all.......... I wore a trunks ( the guts hahaha, not in this pic btw, I cannot post it hehe)

Thai mask, Now Im mad why I did'nt buy one of this. By the way I bought, head of buddha a warrior or something, a jade elephant and there's another one also a buddha but smaller.

Just looking at this pic- makes me somehow relax, very peaceful and quiet, just wishing Im in this place right now.

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