Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I get Groped in Thailand

For adults only" hehe!

Had a great time in Bangkok, Super! For 4 straigth days.. we're so busy, usually we start roaming the streets of Bangkok at around 7am and we usually arrive at around 12 midnight.. its fun but soo tiring. So during our last day I proposed to have an authentic thai massage to ease our aching body, btw thai is famous for their massage right?! Good for us since the Spa center located in our hotel currently have an offer.

Its a nice posh place and you can see that they offer quality service. So we decided to get that package which includes.. body scrub, 2hr massage, facial, hair spa and pedicure, actually we dont need the manicure and pedicure.. but its in the package so we just enjoyed it.

We had a body scrub 1st on the list... I had a body scrub in Manila eons ago so I'm expecting it just quite the same. So when I entered the softly lit room with nice minty scent, the spa attendant told me what to do.. which is to get naked.. which I did, I left my boxer briefs but she says all....

Oh God! I was so embarassed, Im not used to it exposing myself unless that person is my partner. but I guess this people are so used to it so there's "no need to be shy". So I finally stripped to my bday suit. I'm just thinking now, that it will not be an issue if the lady attendant is young and goodlooking.. but instead staring on my naked body was a quite fat and not so quite a good sight hag. I wrap around a towel on my waist and headed towards the dry sauna and after 15min she ask me to come out and lie on the table.

Now that my protective towel is gone.. I feel so vulnerable really hehe, God only know and that old hag how red my face in embarssment. She draped a towel on me as she giggle. I guess she's so enjoying the view... Oh God! wag po manang!

After finishing my whole back, legs, she ask me to lie on my back to which I obliged. Again she draped my front with a towel. She start to scrub me on my upper body downwards. However, I experience something any man could relate with when we undergo a full body massage(actually its not yet the massage but body scrub) something been awakens... Oh Gawd! What the F**K

She noticed it and I heard she giggles and I felt stupid. I do expect she'll be professional since she's working in a nice and decent spa. But to my astonishment, she gently brush the towel covering my groin and she did take a peek, not once but twice. Then I heard her again giggling, sounds like she's so happy or something.. (now im just hoping she's happy not the other way around haha) I was dumbfounded and cant believe what was happening.. (its a decent and professional spa that's why, my reaction) Eventhough, I was quite embarassed, I just brush it off since there's nothing to lose by the way. Again I just lie there and just totally relax, also praying that my ***k will calm down hehe be a good boy! Again I was so shock when she grabs my hard ***k.. she holds it while she's applying those foamy beads on my thigh.. Oh God! Then after the scrub its time to shower.... Oh God.... I got huge problem... indeed a huge problem, my thing is not yet down, I never been so embarassed in my whole life.. Well she seen it already so there's nothing to loose. She helped me rub of those beads while I shower.. When I turn around, she just cant turn her eyes off my semi-hard C**K. She got a real show and infact she should pay me.. Lucky Thai bitch!

I'm so naive and did'nt know that it is the "kalakaran" in Thai massage spa. But my point is that- its a decent spa and not just ordinary spa somethere in the metro, also its inside our Hotel. I finally found out when I was finished with my massage when the old lady ask me if I want a hand job, while she touch my thing. As if its just so normal to them touching man's private parts. That was a revelation.

I also remember its not the first time it happened me being groped, the first time was- when we went to a stripper show during our 3rd night. Its the show where thai girls put some odd thing in their parts and do some crazy shits/stunts. They open a beer bottle with it.. shot pingpong balls to the audience, write name, and alot more. So when we paid in the counter.. the mama sang( dunno what the english term) check us if we have cellphone which are not allowed since we can take pics what's happening inside.. she check first my 2 friend and nothing lewd happen. But when its my turn, she check my pants back and front etc. and fi nally grabbing my groin. I was not expecting it since she did'nt do it on my friends.. She's just joking though so I di'dnt get offended, by the way she's a slut so what do I expect right!

Back to the old lady and her offer, I glady decline her kind offer. She's much nicer and more professional than the other attendant btw so I gave her a tip. I tell the whole story to my friends and I was shock when they told me that their spa attendants gave them an underwear during the body scrub then I felt stupid and abused hehe! They just keep laughing all the way to the hotel. They said thai girls like me because I look like a thai.. Duh! they're not even girls they're old sluts, if they're pretty and younger then I will not mind at all. The old lady masseuse also told me that they're not full time worker in that spa.. they do part time... so that's the answer. As if my embarassment is not yet finish... when we walk out of the spa, I saw those pretty girls in the counter looking at me.. and they giggle like hell! Probably that old bitch told them what had happen... she's really a damn bitch!

Anyway, just wanna share my odd and sick story!

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Francesca said...

yaiks! kaka put off nga!

i was in bangkok 2003 but did shopping all the time! meron dn ba for ladies spa? doon na lang ako!

mind you, if si Lolo yn, tyak sisigaw ng Rape, hahahahah