Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Song for me

I was cleaning my laptop and saw this songs.. apparently, this songs were composed by my ex gf during college. sweet and painful.. 

i saw you yesterday
you were smiling at my way
i wish i could smile back to you
and longed to feel your touch so true

but it's not the way it should work
against the odd, against the world
it's not the way it should be

(but/oh) how my heart aches for your love
a love i know i'll never have
but in the end if poor souls shall meet
i'll know somehow, we oughtta be.....
though you're for her and not for me
so close your eyes and dream
let the lonely moon cast its beam
coz i'll love you from afar
i'll watch you sleep with the stars

repeat refrain
repaeat chorus

we oughtta be,
though you're for her and not for me..

Jen’s song

i gazed upon your face and wondered sweetly
bout all the things you've done for me
the sacrifices and pain
the understandings we've gained

i gazed upon your eyes and wondered sweetly
bout the way you stared at me
i lose my senses when you do
i feel your love so good, so true


and i will always love you
till the end of time
i will love you baby
forever till i die
and i will always be here by your side

there'll be a time though
i'll be misunderstood
but i'll love you darling
with the best that i could
coz i feel your life
and you are the music to my ears
your happiness wipes away my tears

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